Funko Pop Marvel – A Must-Have For Fans of the Marvel Franchise

Funko Pop figures are a collector’s item that have grown into a global phenomenon. The toys have giant heads and eyes on small bodies, making them instantly recognizable and adorable. The company behind the figurines, Funko, started out as a nostalgia-themed toy maker before expanding into a brand with more than 1,100 licensed properties, including video games, TV shows, sports and movies.

The company’s recognizable Pop line of figurines has found its way into the pop culture zeitgeist, and the Marvel franchise is no exception. Whether you’re a big hero fan or can’t get enough of the villains, there’s a Pop for you. The BoxLunch selection includes the most popular Funko Pop Marvel characters, so you can add to your collection or build your own based on your favorite movie, TV show or comic book character.

There’s nothing simple about this gold Doctor Strange Funko Pop, which features the mystical superhero dressed in his white robe and holding his staff. The smallest figure in the line, this Pop features a more compact body and head than other Marvel characters, which makes it ideal for smaller spaces.

GwenPool is the result of two overlapping heroes and is one of Marvel’s more recently created characters. This GwenPool Funko Pop, which depicts Wade Wilson as a combination of himself and Gwen Stacy, is another great choice for fans of the mutants with a sense of humor. funko pop marvel

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