Ford Bronco Hard Tire Cover

Show off your patriotism with these eye catching American bald eagle designs. Made locally in Orlando Florida.

Lots of headroom and storage space make the front seats easy to get into, even for tall people. The rear seat can be folded flat for additional cargo room. Adding power steering helps with maneuvering and parking. A new optional 7.5 gallon auxiliary fuel tank was introduced in 1970.

Custom Fit

A spare tire is an essential part of any off-roader’s vehicle, as it can help you get back on the road if your main tire gets damaged or flat. The Ford Bronco is no exception, and that’s why it’s important to keep your spare tire protected with a high-quality tire cover. These covers shield your spare tire from dust, dirt, flying trail debris, and inclement weather. They also add a unique look to your truck’s exterior.

These covers come in a variety of eye-catching designs, including patriotic bald eagle prints that display your American pride. They also include eye-catching dog print designs that make a statement about your love for animals. All of the covers in this collection are made in the USA, so you can be confident that they’ll be a great addition to your Ford Bronco.

Each cover is tailored with a Bead-Welt seam that strengthens the fabric for better durability and looks. It’s also backed by a quality coating that protects the cover from corrosion. To further enhance your tire cover’s security, Four Wheel Covers offers a security kit that includes a set of security grommets and a Masterlock to prevent your spare tire cover from being stolen.

Made in Orlando Florida, this cover is designed to fit your specific tire size and is backed by a Three-Year Limited Warranty. It features a color-matched molded ABS face and a black texture powder-coated steel ring that give it an upscale distinctive look. It’s made with the highest quality American sourced materials and is custom painted with premium PPG automotive paint.


Spare tires are one of the most important components in any off-road vehicle, since they can help you quickly get back on the road if you get stuck. If you keep a spare tire mounted outside of your Ford Bronco, you need to protect it with a high-quality cover. These covers shield your spare tire from dust, dirt, flying trail debris, and inclement weather. They also make it difficult for thieves to steal your spare tire. These covers are made from tough vinyl for long-lasting durability, and they include a rear camera cutout for easy access to your backup camera. The cover is also designed to be secured with a strong and durable coated cable.

If you want to add a little extra style to your Gen6 Ford Bronco, check out this black spare tire cover with a Jeep logo. The cover is crafted from vinyl for long-lasting durability and features an upscale look. It is backed by Mastertop’s Three-Year Limited Warranty and can be installed easily over your spare tire.

A new patent from Ford might help you enjoy some outdoor music on your next off-road adventure. The company has filed a patent for a wheel cover that can transform into an outdoor speaker. The cover would consist of a fixed outer ring and a slightly flexible panel set inside this ring. The vibrating panel could be set to resonate at different frequencies, turning what looks like a simple body panel into a speaker.

Easy Installation

Our tire covers are made in Orlando Florida, USA by a shop that has made Dealership covers for Honda, Hummer and Land Rover dealers. They are sewn with a professional upholstery welt around the entire exposed edge of the cover. This not only adds a great finish but it also strengthens the cover and protects the stitching from the sun.

The newest designs in this collection are dedicated to the American Bald Eagle, and feature eye-catching patriotic bald eagle print patterns that show your love of country. We’ve also added some new dog prints that will show everyone your love for your pets.

Once you choose your vinyl and tire size, click the magic button “Start Customizing”. Our online design studio will let you create a Bronco tire cover that will be sure to turn heads. We even have a security kit that includes grommets, quality coated cable and a Master lock to keep your new spare tire cover safe from thieves.


Having a spare tire in your vehicle is a must-have for off-road drivers. It helps you to avoid getting stranded and get back on the road in no time. But you need to protect it from the elements, and that’s where this Ford Bronco hard tire cover comes in handy. It’s designed to shield your spare tire from dust, dirt, flying trail debris, and inclement weather. It also features a hinge that allows you to lower your spare tire without having to maneuver around it.

The cover is made from tough vinyl fabric and marine-grade thread, which make it durable. It’s also backed by Mastertop’s three-year limited warranty, so you can buy it with peace of mind. Plus, it’s available in several eye-catching designs. The collection includes patriotic bald eagle options, which are perfect for showing off your national pride. There are also eye-catching dog print options, which are great for showing off your love of animals.

The cover is custom fit for your 2021 Ford Bronco and fits a 32-inch spare tire. It has a black color and a sleek look that’s designed to complement the factory vinyl soft top. It’s also made from automotive-grade vinyl that’s water proof, dustproof, and offers nearly 100% UV protection. It’s hand made in Orlando, Florida, and cleanly finished with upholstery welt.

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