Explosion Proof Electric Ball Valve

Explosion Proof Electric Ball Valve A highly reliable and versatile valve automation option, the explosion-proof electric actuator is a robust mechanism that converts electrical energy into mechanical torque. Encased in an explosion-proof housing, the circuits in the actuator are designed to minimize sparks and high temperatures that could ignite flammable materials present in the immediate environment. Think of it as the James Bond of actuators – it’s the ultimate solution to protect sensitive environments from dangerous conditions.

Using the same basic principle as a pneumatic actuator, this type of electric actuator is ideal for use with quarter-turn operating applications such as ball valves, butterfly valves, plug valves and dampers. We offer a number of different explosion-proof electric actuator options that range in size and torque to accommodate the needs of any application.

These actuators are available with NEMA ratings ranging from 4 through 4,X with a wide variety of supply voltages, control types and limit switch capabilities. Additionally, they can be equipped with a spring-return failsafe option that in the event of power or signal failure, will return the valve to a previously set position.

The difference between this type of actuator and a pneumatic one is that the electric actuator does not require air pressure to operate. Instead, the actuator uses DC and AC voltage to move the gears that turn the valve. This allows the explosion-proof electric actuator to be used in harsher environments where air pressure is not readily available.

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