Choosing a Smart Dehumidifier uk

Whether it’s a musty smell in the bedroom, mould sploshing on the bathroom wall or condensation puddling on your window sills, excess humidity is a real problem that can lead to serious health problems. But a dehumidifier is the best way to tackle it, keeping your home healthy and your lungs clear, especially if you suffer from asthma or allergies.

Choosing the right smart dehumidifier uk is crucial, with models available to suit all budgets and room sizes. There are even automatic smart versions that turn on when humidity levels reach a certain point and switch off after a set period or when the tank is full. Some even have air purifying settings as well to keep the air fresh and breathable.

For smaller rooms or spaces, look for a compact design that’s easy to move around and won’t take up too much floor space. This DeLonghi model is a great option, with a small water tank that pulls out from one side and an optional continuous drainage hose to help you avoid emptying it on a daily basis.

Larger rooms or damp-prone homes will require a bigger unit to combat the moisture, like this Igenix model. It has a capacious 12 litre per day extraction rate and can be hooked up to a continuous drainage hose for year-round use so you don’t have to empty it on a regular (or daily) basis. It’s also physically unobtrusive, with noise levels dropping to around 46dB at high fan speed or 40dB in quiet mode.

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