Choosing a Fire Pump Manufacturer

Fire protection equipment is installed in buildings in the hopes that it goes unused, but in case of an emergency you need your fire pump to be working at peak performance. When choosing a fire pump Manufacturer, look for one that carries the UL Listed and FM Approved stamp to ensure it will meet all the NFPA 20 standards. George Saadian, lead engineer at Fire Protection Group, explains that UL and FM certifications require each fire pump to pass a series of tests before it can be shipped. These tests include checking if the pump meets all the requirements for a specific duty point (GPM, pressure boost or churn). They also review the driver size to make sure it can handle the full horsepower demands of the fire pump – even if that means flowing above the 150% required duty point – and that the certified factory test curves are accurate.

Most people involved in selecting a fire pump focus on the hydraulic performance – gallons per minute and psi boost – of the pump. But there are many other factors to consider, including the driver type. Most fire pumps are driven by diesel engines, but electric motors are also available. Choosing the correct drive can make a significant difference in the lifecycle cost of the fire pump.

These fire pump manufacturer prioritize innovation and quality, which results in a comprehensive range of fire fighting pumps that have been developed specifically for the needs of different industries. Their expertise in delivering cutting-edge technology, energy efficiency and global customer support has solidified their position as top industry performers.

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