Cheap Banners Are a Great Way to Advertise

When it comes to advertising your business or event, cheap banners are an affordable option for spreading the word. Large-format digital printing allows for vibrant colors and complex designs that are sure to catch the eye of anyone who sees them. They can be used to fill in empty walls of retail spaces, redefine the backdrop at a sporting event, or bring life to construction sites that are usually an eyesore.

Our vinyl banners come with a variety of customization options to ensure they fit your needs: double-sided, hanging options, lamination, and wind flaps. Lamination adds a tough topcoat to your banner to protect it from harsh conditions and increase its longevity. It also enhances color protection, abrasion resistance and increases your vinyl’s flexibility.

Our standard vinyl banners feature grommets that are affixed to the corners and edges of your sign. These brass rings are inserted into a punched hole to create a strong, durable edge. They are also useful for attaching ropes and bungee cords to your banner. Use them in conjunction with a zip tie to secure your banner to posts, rafters or trees. cheap banners

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