Caregiver Safety

A recent study confirmed what many professionals in the home healthcare business have known for quite some time. Many agencies that connect the elderly in need of care with in home health providers do not do any sort of background checks. This includes a lack of criminal records and no drug testing. Furthermore-and even more alarming-many agencies look for independent contractors on Craigslist and put no effort into guaranteeing the safety of the vulnerable elderly that invite these so-called professionals into their homes.

Northwestern Medicine research conducted the study and their results should have raised many alarm signals for seniors. Having a full background and drug testing series, along with fully insuring and bonding in home caregivers is an essential part of ensuring the safety of seniors receiving care. In reality, many agencies do not even test applicants or will even lie about checking their qualifications. A lot of these agencies do nothing except take down the interested person’s name and put it on their website in order to help increase page views and attract business.

This is an embarrassment when it comes to senior care. The elderly population deserves to be safe, especially because they can sometimes be more vulnerable-consider seniors with dementia-than younger folk. Think about the type of person who requires in home care; by putting a criminal or someone who is otherwise untrustworthy in their company can be a very unsafe move for them. Unfortunately, many seniors are drawn to this type of care because it is generally cheaper than going through a more reputable service.

Obviously, there is a larger element of danger associated with just enlisting a caregiver off the street without knowing anything about their background. These agencies make money off of matching caregivers with an elderly person in need, and the more people that they can connect, the more money the agency will make. You owe it to yourself to avoid these agencies and do the research on your own. While it might be more costly to do it this way, the little bit of extra cash that you will spend by going with the most reputable of services will give you a peace of mind that you might not otherwise obtain.

This isn’t to say that all independent caregivers are going to rob the senior citizens they care for. Most caregivers are extremely well trained and have an honest background, but the fact that agencies are not as a rule checking for this should be a warning signal. Rather than playing roulette with your senior care, it is important that you spend the extra time and money to make sure that you are getting only the very best in care. in home care toronto

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