Career Change Strategies

Many people find that their career paths no longer align with their goals and interests. This can be the result of changes in a company, personal life circumstances, or simply a desire to pursue something new. Whatever the reason, changing careers can be an exciting opportunity to explore a different path and develop new skills.

To successfully make a career change, you’ll need to plan carefully. This includes defining your goals, conducting research and informational interviews, and updating your resume and LinkedIn profile to reflect your new skills. You may also need to complete additional training or courses for the new career field. Having an accountability partner can help keep you on track, especially when you’re feeling overwhelmed by the process.

Conventional strategies advocated by self-assessment manuals and traditional career counselors suggest that you should first look inside yourself to figure out what it is that you want to do. Instead, try an unconventional approach: Start by doing something different, and then use the feedback from that experience to see which of your multiple possible selves you want to become more of.

During month one, conduct internet research on potential new fields and narrow your list to three ideas. At this stage, you should begin scheduling informational interviews with professionals in those industries to learn about the careers from the inside out. It’s a good idea to have two or more meetings for each of your three choices. This allows you to compare and contrast the careers to help select the best fit for your lifestyle and needs. Career change strategies

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