Benefits of Quantum Healing Systems

When traditional healing modalities reach their limits, quantum healing systems open up a new realm of possibilities. This form of energy work focuses on connecting to and re-balancing the human energy field, as well as addressing underlying energetic imbalances that can cause illness and disease. Quantum healing also offers a range of non-local healing processes, which leverage the principles of quantum entanglement to connect two people even across space and time.

The creator of quantum healing, Deepak Chopra, developed the system by merging mind-body medicine concepts with ideas from quantum physics and Ayurveda, an ancient Indian medical philosophy that views health as a balance of mind, body, and spirit. While some of his beliefs about healing are based on pseudo-New Age spirituality, most of his theories are widely dismissed as unsubstantiated nonsense by modern physicists.

MBET’s Quantum Healing Technologies utilize FDA approved photo-stimulating technology that has been shown to improve the speed and quality of healing by up to 200%, as well as dramatically decrease pain levels. These systems are currently being used to treat a variety of wounds, including chronic wounds like bed sores and pressure ulcers (which often take years to heal), as well as ear infections, menstrual cramps, and hemorrhoids.

In addition, MBET has developed the Quantum Teething Solution to address the most common childhood symptoms, and our new Quantum Healing Dressings are curing formerly incurable diabetic foot ulcers that have cost insurance companies billions of dollars in lost productivity. The team at MBET is led by a psychologist, an astrophysicist and a dermatologist, who have combined their unique talents to develop high-performance systems that can deliver the benefits of quantum healing to many more patients than ever before. quantum healing systems

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