Abrasive Wheels Training

About Abrasive Wheels Training

If you work with abrasive wheels, such as those found in angle grinders, it’s essential that you are familiar with the correct procedures to help you stay safe when using them. Accidental contact with these powerful tools can cause serious injuries, as they are designed to grind and cut materials and rotate at high speeds, meaning that a single slip-up could lead to broken wheels or severe cuts for those who come into close proximity.

This short eLearning course provides you with the information you need to understand how these dangerous machines operate, and how you can avoid any accidents. It teaches you about the different types of wheels and their properties, how they can be used safely in your workplace, and how to inspect them regularly. It also highlights legal requirements and responsibilities under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER), which must be followed by those who operate these power tools.

Investing in this course will give your workforce the knowledge and confidence to handle these dangerous tools correctly, helping them to carry out their jobs without any incident or injury. It will also improve your company’s reputation, as it shows that you value your staff and place a priority on health and safety, which can build team morale and employee retention. This in turn can boost your bottom line by decreasing costs associated with staff absences, as well as reducing the cost of maintenance or repair for machinery that has been damaged due to operator error. Abrasive Wheels Training

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