A Fireman’s Arms During Fire Accidents

Many agree that is it better to be robbed by burglars than having a house set on fire. Seeing a house on fire is like witnessing a lifetime savings burning to ashes. Thus, employing fire protection gadgets such as fire and smoke alarms, fire hose and water sprinklers are only but a few property and life-saving measures. Firemen, the unsung heroes in every fire incident risk their lives to save everything and everyone that they can. Despite all their efforts, they still get criticisms when measures fail.

Colorado’s Fourmile fire, considered the states’ worst fire in history destroyed 135 houses and about 92 structures. Some of the houses have just been renovated were engulfed in flames including precious memorabilia by families collected from various trips abroad, excluding the cars, furniture and household appliances and the most important part is the lifetime memories that happened in their houses. The fire which was so difficult to contain that took firefighters weeks to contain because of the strong winds that travelled from 6 to 9 mph, ravaged the 7,120 acre of Boulder County and considered worst in history of forest fires with regards to property.

To efficiently fight fires, firemen must be equipped with the most up-to-date firefighting devices, gears and life-saving apparatus. One of the most important is their clothing and personal protection such as jumpsuits, gloves, jackets, hats, boots, flashlights and the sort that will keep them from being burned. Such attires are especially tailored with heat-resistant qualities that enable firemen to withstand a certain degree of heat, waterproof and windproof qualities that allow them to attack despite being soaked.

Another set of equipment are the respiratory protective equipment such as gas tight suit, breathing apparatus and breathing air compressors that will supply both the rescuer and the one being rescued a continuous supply of quality air in accordance with relevant breathing air standards. Having such equipment will allow firemen to penetrate even the deepest corners and crevices where a victim possibly lies unconscious.

The most important of all are fire trucks with built-in ladders, water reservoir, hose and pumps, water tender and among others. The vehicle is also equipped with communication devices, first aid kits, stretchers, cutting tools and all other amenities needed during fire containment and rescue.

Inadequate and malfunctioning fire fighting apparatus and gears is like going to a battle unarmed thus it is necessary that fire fighters are supplied with amenities and gears both for personal safety and for rescue to be able to perform the tasks that they are expected to do – to save lives and properties. High pressure portable fire fighting pump

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