A Collection of Minimalist Milestone Cards

Whether you’re celebrating a baby’s first smile, their first steps or even a birthday, milestone cards are a great way to remember these special moments. The cards are printed on premium paper and feature a design that can be used to capture a photo of the occasion.

The card also comes with a storage bag to keep them together. This is a good idea, as it helps protect the cards from scratches and other scuffs. This also allows you to easily find the right card for a given occasion, so you can quickly and easily use it.

These cards help parents teach their children to recognize the smallest parts of words that can impact meaning, such as the sound of one letter. The blue Vol 1 cards present the same word multiple times, with variations such as font, color, font size and the shape of the letters. This helps highlight that the shape of the word matters more than other factors, such as color. The orange and red cards give infants and toddlers opportunities to see words that differ by only one phoneme (the smallest unit of speech).

The cards come with white envelopes, making them suitable for giving as gifts. They can also be kept as a memento of a special moment for years to come. This collection archives moments starting from birth, and is ideal for modern and minimal moms-to-be who want to document their little one’s milestones.

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